Highway Habitual Vid From Habitat Skateboards

The Habitat team making Ohio proud

Highway Habitual is the latest video put together by Habitat Skateboards which is around 10 minutes long, featuring Mark Suciu, Silas Baxter-Neal, Austyn Gillette, Kaue Cossa, Stefan Janoski, Marius Syvanen, Sean Evans, Zac Coyne and Jiro Platt.



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In this video, the team spill out on an adventure as they hit the highway, making stops at some fun-looking skateparks on the road as well as scoping out the streets for various other gems to be found and claimed. The team gets OG by grabbing the manhole covers and propping them up as a street kicker to clear the trash can.

It’s not exactly the craziest video to put out recently, but if you feel like listening to a wild queue of tracks while taking the weight off your feet for 10 minutes, it’s nothing short of a perfect fit.


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