Welcome to Gustavo Ribeiro’s World

Red Bull has put the spotlight on the rising skater

The still image representing this new video from Red Bull asks the question, “Is Portugal Europe’s Next Powerhouse?” No, they aren’t talking about football (aka soccer), though a lot of angry German football fans could tell you that Red Bull knows a thing or two about that sport. They are talking about skateboarding, and specifically the rising Portuguese skater Gustavo Ribeiro.

In fact, they have unveiled a whole new series called Mundo Gustavo, with the first episode being “Step into the World of Gustavo Ribeiro. This is a chance for you to get to know one of the future stars of skateboarding. He talks about going pro, making the podium with Street League Skateboarding, and takes us through Lisbon his hometown. Maybe this is really Ribeiro’s mundo and we’re all just living in it. Check out the first episode of Red Bull’s series in the video above.

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