Footprint Footwear - Full Tour Video Live

Neen Williams, Ryan Decenzo, Jaws, Nathan Ko and Julian Agliardi’s FP - BCN Trip

Recently we shed some light on the Footprint Footwear trip making a trek over to Barcelona for some good ol Spanish November sun! Well, now there is a full video, and it's on YouTube.

Julian is introduced as the grom and is killing it with a variety of difficult tricks being thrown down on difficult spots; along with a particular style, Julian is holding his own and is looking good in the streets!

By the looks of things, Jaws didn't even bother to put his feet up during the trip. Skating everything from transition, ledges and the usual monster-sized gap, even if there's a bunch of bollards at the landing.

Ryan Decenzo was skating like he had some Duracell batteries shoved up his ass; he was just a non-stop spot-killing machine! Throwing down NBDs at MACBA and just killing it the entire time!

We get a couple of Neens signature heelflips, and Nathan gets a few bangers in there before losing a few teeth at the bottom of the yellow death bank.

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