Ementa SB release new 'Ementaverse' video

Take notes on Portuguese finest skaters

Ementa SB, as their slogan says, is motivated by friendship, as it shows in their new video Ementaverse. This small skater-owned company is a project of a group of friends that make big efforts to finance their skate trips/ videos, and thank God for that because each time, it propels Portuguese skating to bigger stages.

In this one, we see gnarly tricks from Gabriel Ribeiro, Gustavo's twin brother, making the landscape of Lisbon and many other spots his playground, doing effortlessly laser flips with slides flip out, and many more, and it only continues to progress from there. Just check it for yourself; you will gladly enjoy it.

The video features; Gabriel Ribeiro, Raphael Castilho, Fábio Diniz, Jorge Simões, Zenildo Guilherme, Guilherme Durand, Aníbal Martins, Thaynan Costa, Pacal Teixeira, Margarida Cepeda, Gustavo Ribeiro, Bruno Senra BP

Filmed and Edited by Emidio Silva.

To commemorate their release, they made a limited-edition t-shirt having the Ementaverse arcade-style logo on the front and back. You can get it either online through their website or in their physical store in Lisbon.


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