DGK Provided Free Skate Lessons and Skateboards at Rolling Loud

The biggest names in hip-hop and rap music

DGK recently made headlines for their generosity at the Rolling Loud music festival as they offered free skate lessons and gave away free completes to the festival attendees.

Rolling Loud, which takes place annually in various locations across the United States, is known for bringing together some of the biggest names in hip-hop and rap music. This year, The DGK team decided to take over and make an impact by providing a demo on an open street course, along with free skate lessons and gear to those interested.



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Trap Deon, ultimately shut down the park popping out from the launch ramp and over a picnic table with a monstrous kickflip which was followed by a back 360 nose grab!

Check the link below and see what went down:


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