DGK Founder Josh Kalis Takes us Behind The Paint at His Indoor Plaza in Michigan

'Mad Paint' episode 02 is out!

DGK founder Josh Kalis takes us behind the paint in episode 02 of building his all-granite indoor plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There he had friends come over and take part in bombing the park with graffiti and bringing even more culture to Kalis’s new plaza. Their work is incredible, and it's good to see Kalis speaking to the camera and giving us all the lowdown.

Halfway through the paint session, and once the fumes start getting a bit crazy, they decide to hit the local park to get in a sneaky skate session, then closing it down with a long buttery switch crook from one of the Mad Paint guys. (Zack)

The crew heads back to the indoor plaza to get straight back to business, and just a few hours later, the job is done, and the transformation is complete! These short episodes from DGK are sick; we look forward to the next one!

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