Davonte Jolly Joins The Nine Club

The filmer talks about his meteoric rise

When you watch a skate video, the skaters are front and center. Let’s not forget about the filmers, though. To make a part really pop you need somebody who can capture skateboarding on film, and if they also have editing skills even better. Al Pacino is a great actor, but do you think Michael Corleone pops like he did without Francis Ford Coppola? Davonte Jolly isn’t necessarily Coppola (yet), but he’s already one of the biggest names in skateboard filming. The man in charge of making the skaters over at Illegal Civ look good, Jolly really took his game to the next level with Illegal Civ’s full-length Godspeed.

Now, he’s chatting with the Chris Roberts over at The Nine Club. We wanted to mention this interview for a couple reasons. First, because Jolly has a fascinating rise and we felt like the filmers of the world deserve some love. Second, because the days of the remote Stop and Chat shows are over! The Nine Club is back in studio doing shows with people together! Watch Roberts and Jolly – in the same room – go deep into the conversation right here.

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