Skateboarding Podcast Review

For those who want to a closer look at the scene

If you’re a podcast lover or just want to hear from the pros we’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts out there for skateboarders.

The Blondey Show

Host Blondey McCoy is nothing short of a wordsmith. Listeners are captivated by his charismatic charm and ability to poetically narrate his unique perspective. The show often focuses on his career as a pro skater, artist and designer for his brand Thames. Coupled with thought-provoking commentary on the world through McCoy’s eyes. Possibly the best segment of the show sees fans offering up their opinions and disconcerting stories - often in response to a question such as “What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?”. And trust me the answers are hilarious. Whilst the show is still in its infancy, Mccoy has brought in some big names to guest the show, namely Mark Gonzales and Naomi Campbell, with promises of many more to come.

Head over to Spotify to check out The Blondey Show.

The Nine Club

At the very top of the skateboard podcasting scene is The Nine Club, only to be described as the OG. Just about every skater or contributor to the scene has been featured on their platform. Amazingly they have put out almost 400 episodes – WARNING! This will send you down a rabbit hole at 3 a.m.! It’s really just a bunch of skaters talking about skateboarding. Topics on the show cover a wide range: reminiscing over past memories; funny stories; unseen, unheard moments and chatting about the skate scene and the community within it.

You can find all episodes of The Nine Club on their YouTube channel.

Mission Statement

This Brooklyn based podcast series delves into the some of the cultural aspects of skateboarding. Recorded on a clean white set with extravagant furniture fit for royalty, this podcast is super laid back. Host Lee Smith chews the fat with guests, giving us a glimpse into their lives. With just over 20 episodes there’s plenty of content and the guests don’t disappoint. Videographer William Strobeck responsible for Supremes “Cherry” and skate legends, Alex Olson and Brian Lotti are just a few names on this list.

Mission Statement is available to watch over on the Skate Newswire channel on YouTube.

Big Spin Podcast

This review isn’t just dedicated to American and English Podcasts. Over in France the guys at Big Spin Podcast have established the first French speaking podcast concentrated on skateboarding. Their aim? To interview the diverse and influential talent that resides in France. This podcast is great if you want to dip your toes into a different culture. For those non-French speakers fear not, YouTube can translate the audio into English subtitles, it’s pretty accurate too… most of the time.

To listen to Big Spin Podcast check them out on their channel on YouTube.

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