David Gravette Relives his Timeless “And Now” Part

Revisiting a skate part classic

In skateboarding, certain video parts stand out as groundbreaking, leaving a permanent mark in the history of skateboarding. One such influential video part is David Gravette's remarkable performance in "And Now." from 2008.

Gravette discusses some of the difficulties he had while filming "And Now," including injuries, difficult weather, and frustrations from getting the tricks down.



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Gravette overcame these challenges and managed to get the footage that would change the course of his career by means of determination and a continuous passion for skating.

Just like so many of us out there, Gravette always dreamed of being in a Transworld video and not only did he accomplish exactly that, but he made a video part that would live rent-free in fans' heads for years to come. And still, watching this part today is just as mind-blowing as its release date!


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