We talk Sydney Skate Scene with Chima Ferguson

Skate spots and his philosophy towards skateboarding

Pro skater since 2012, Chima has positioned himself as both a global and Australian Icon as a result of his effortless style and catalogue of technical tricks that blow our mind. He’s spent a lot of his career travelling around the world, but due to both the pandemic and the birth of his daughter, Chima’s now back in his homeland and currently in lockdown with the rest of Sydney. For any Australian, it’s common knowledge that Sydney is undeniably one of the best cities for skating and seeing how Chima uses the irregular urban landscape is inspiring to say the least. So, in a rapid-fire interview, we talk to Chima about the Sydney skate scene, life as a dad, and what’s in store next for him.

Chima, tell us about your intro to skating and how you found out it was your passion?

My brother and his older friends were into skating so I just followed what the older kids did. A friend left a board at our house and I picked it up and learnt to skate in our driveway.

What makes the Sydney skate scene unique? How do you find the urban landscape in terms of skating?

I guess it’s unique to me because I’m from here and still skate the same spots I did 20 years ago. The CBD is incredible to skate on the weekend as there isn’t much security or foot traffic.

Where’s your favourite place to skate in Sydney and in the world?

Martin Place for sure. I grew up skating there and have had a trick in every video part I’ve ever had. A lot of history there!

Switch Kickflip, Martin Place 2016

Switch Kickflip, Martin Place 2016


Skating in a pandemic? How has this changed the experience for better or worse?

When COVID first hit in 2020 I was home for around 6 weeks without skating once. When I figured I wouldn’t travel for a while I got to skating more than ever. Traffic is good and not too many people are around. In the last 2 weeks we’ve gone back into stricter lockdown so it’s been a little difficult. If I do head out it’s just the filmer and I.

How’s life as a dad treating you? Still find time to skate? Plans on getting her on the board in the future?

It’s a trip. A learning curve everyday for sure. I show her videos of myself and others skating and she’s interested. She’s still pretty small so it might be a while until she starts.


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Go to skate store?

U.P.S 🙌

Why people should still get on the Chima pro 2?

It’s a good looking shoe with a low profile but all the protection but all the support you need.

Check it out here.

What skaters should we look out for here in Sydney / any skaters that inspire you?

I’m sure by now you and everyone knows the name Jack O’Grady. I’ve seen him grow up and become one of the best out there. Exciting to watch and he’s got a great heart.

I recently did an article on the philosophy of skateboarding, what do you think your philosophy is?

Like everything in life If you truly enjoy something you’re bound to excel. I’ve loved skating since I started so learning everything along the way has just been enjoyment. More so in recent years I’ve realised skateboarding involves as much mental strength as it does physical. I’ve changed the way I think about it all which has helped immensely.

What are your interests outside of skating?

Sounds boring as but I love to walk. Helps to clear my mind. Surely take a long walk at least once a day.

What’s next for Chima Ferguson? Any projects/ videos coming up we should look out for?

I have Thrasher interview out next month and a part in a new Vans video to follow in September. 

Big thanks to Chima for chatting with me over Instagram we’re keeping our eyes peeled and very inspired to get back out in Sydney! Until then we’ve got Ferguson’s never ending content.


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