Check Out 50 Years of Santa Cruz Skateboards Logos

The golden anniversary celebration continues

Sometimes, skateboarding feels like an artform. You know what else is like an artform? Art! Every skateboarding company has a logo, but those logos don’t always remain stagnant. Even McDonald’s golden arches have been tweaked over the years. Santa Cruz has been around long enough that they have had a few chances to change things up. Now, you can see all their logos in quick succession. 

Santa Cruz has been around for 50 years, and given the anniversary at hand, it has been celebrating quite a bit. In a new YouTube short, Santa Cruz dropped a cool bit of artwork that showcases recreations of every logo the company has used over the last five decades. There are definitely some very “of the moment” logos in the mix, but the current logo for Santa Cruz is solid, so they landed in the right place. Here’s the artwork. Which logo is your favorite?

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