Carpet Company Crew Test Their Dunk Collab In The UAE

Carpet heads to Dubai to film the new SB promo

With recent dunk collabs selling out within minutes of sale, Nike are not falling short in their supply of new silhouettes.

The newest addition shows off a collaboration with Baltimore’s own Carpet Company, accompanied with a video featuring the team’s recent trip to Dubai. Literally starting from below the ground up, brothers Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem started Carpet in their parent’s basement. Since they began back in 2015 they have made a weighty impact with street style with their Egyptian heritage, and their new Dunk High collab is definitely more evidence of their momentum.

The team missioned out to Dubai, where Mason Padilla, Quinn Batley, Karim Abdul Callender, and Rashad Murray put the new shoe through the works. The boys threw down some effortless trash can skating and textbook ledge maneuvers, while Quinn’s hectic front tail drop-in to a steep bank sealed the deal for me. The guys killed it, check the full vid above.

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