Check Out Noah Clothing’s First Skate Video

Hopefully not the last!

Recently, New York City’s Noah Clothing announced plans for its first skate video. Sure, there are a lot of folks making skate videos these days, but we always say the more, the merrier. That’s especially true when you have a team like Noah. How did the first video turn out? There’s no need to wait in anticipation any longer, as the video has now been released.

Noah Clothing’s video, Jolie Rouge, featured an abundance of skaters. Hey, it’s their first video. You want to put it all out there, right? Why hold anything back? Since this is the company’s inaugural video, we want to name all the skaters involved: Coles Bailey, Quinn Batley, Bobby de Keyzer, Troy Gipson, Hjalte Halberg, Nick Michel, Chris Milic, and Kyota Umeki. Congrats to the Noah Clothing team on its first video! We hope to see more, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed there is no sophomore slump. See Jolie Rouge in action right now.

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