Bucky Lasek Shares Some Skateboard Stories

There’s a lot of wisdom rattling around in that brain

Bucky Lasek was one of the premiere skateboarders of the era when the X Games were dominant and Tony Hawk was a superstar. He’s in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and won X Games medals left and right in the ‘90s and early 2000s. It took him plenty of time to get to that point. Lasek has been skating since the late ‘80s, and while he’s maybe slowed down a tad, he hasn’t stopped. The legend is now 48, but he’s still skating and working to hone his craft. Recently, he took a break from hitting the halfpipe to sit down with Stacy Peralta for Powell-Peralta’s series Skateboard Stories. If there are two people better equipped to sit down and talk about skating, we’d be hard pressed to find them. There’s so much experience and knowledge between those two.

Check out Bucky chatting skateboarding above. Powell-Peralta is re-releasing Lasek’s 1990 “Stadium” model, and you can buy it – and more – on their website.

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