Beatrice Domond: Dedication, Passion, And A Board

The first ever female skater on the Supreme skate team

From picking up a prop skateboard at five years old to being featured in Supreme's praised films, such as Cherry in her 20s, she lives to tell a skater's dream.

As her career grows, she continues to break down barriers in the skate world, using her voice to advocate for more representation of female professional skaters. 



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But who is she?

Behind her many years of dedication and skills to showcase is Beatrice Domond, Supreme's first and only woman on their skate team.

From a humble start, growing up in a small town in Florida, she was not immersed in a large skating community. She first touched a board when she was five years old during a school photo shoot, as she used it as a prop. She only started to skate at seven years old but really got passionate about pursuing tricks in her teenage years. Like many, her earliest skating memories were spent going back and forth on the street in front of her home, alone, only pushing herself to improve.

In 2017 she took a leap of faith and moved to New York City, skyrocketing her career and landing acclaimed sponsorships from Vans and Fucking Awesome. Before this, she spent time crafting her art of skating by practicing nonstop and recording herself. She looked up to legends like Elissa Steamer and Bam, inspiring her to push to one day go pro.

Domond, in her teenage years, began to film herself skating; these homestyle skating videos would be sent on a longshot to none other than the prominent skater Jason Dill and famed skating videographer Bill Strobeck. The random chance she took on sending her videos got her in the position she is today, landing her roles in a few of Supreme's films shot by Bill Strobeck and how she ended up being recognized to be on the skating team. 

Despite all her success, she remains 110% dedicated, as she wakes up at 6 A.M every day and puts her utmost all into continuing to perfect her abilities. 



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In the same position many young people face in their teenage years, Domond didn't know what she was doing with her life, but she followed her passion and intuition, bringing her to the position she is in today. "When you get into high school, and you're trying to find who you are as a person, I gravitated towards this more. I was like, this is who I want to be."

As the skate scene continues to grow and become more inclusive, we see many new talents that continue to shy away from what skating was previously imagined. However, Domond continues to build upon her career and shreds every day with passion. 

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