Baker is Cooking Down in Miami

Sunshine and skateboarding are never in short supply down there

These days, when we are writing up a Baker-related video it’s usually because longtime Baker filmer Beagle has dropped another of his old tapes on YouTube. This time, though, we’re keeping it modern. Baker Skateboards is still going strong, and they are still trotting out new parts. Recently, Baker went down to Miami, Florida, where it’s seemingly always warm (though it does often rain). The weather is great for skating all around the calendar, so this time of the year it’s one of the best places for skaters to be. Deathwish’s Pedro Delfino, who calls Florida home, plays host to Zach Allen, Yosef Bubes, and Tristan Funkhouser. Check it out right here.

If you want to buy Baker, you can stop by their shop online.

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