Check Out Early Footage of Elissa Steamer and Heath Kirchart

Thanks to Beagle, naturally

There was not a lot going on in the world of current skateboarding videos over the last 24 hours or so, which isn’t great when you are skating enthusiasts running a skating website. Fortunately, there’s another blast from the past for us to enjoy. Beagle, the famed single-named filmer for Baker, has been dropping the Beagle Tapes left and right for over a year at this point. Recently, we were the lucky recipients of a video from over 20 years ago. It’s time to start worrying about Y2K again, or just to watch these classic clips of Elissa Steamer and Hearth Kirchart in action. Even knowing that this video is from years ago, some of Kirchart’s tricks might make you worried about his health, and it’s also fun to see Steamer early in her career showing off the skills. Thanks again, Beagle! Enjoy the video above.

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