Are We Allowed To Skate During Corona Lockdown?

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Despite supplying us with endless meme opportunities, the corona situation is pretty serious right now. At this point, staying on top of the latest updates about the virus is harder than staying on top of your board 6 beers into a game of skate. And while our hearts go out to all the old-timers and the sick (the bad kind of sick), there’s really only one thing on our minds… are we allowed to skate?

The mature, responsible answer to that would be, no. Keep your ass inside. 

But unless you’re in one of the most exposed areas, most governments have allowed for “outdoor physical activities”. And while I’m no scientist I’m pretty sure skating falls under that category.
However, we don’t really want you to join the 200.000+ confirmed cases, so you’re going to have to stick to a few rules. And if you don’t like rules, see them as guidelines to keep your grandma safe.

Firstly, wash your hands. Like actually wash them, don’t just dip them in the water and move on. Get some nice smelling soap and keep those paws smelling corona-free and fresh. 

Secondly, keep your hands to yourself and touch as few surfaces as possible. Avoid fist-bumping, high-fiving, and sword-crossing too all extent. In fact, try to keep 1.5 meters away from other people at all times. This goes for both skaters and filmers.

Thirdly and most importantly, think about others. If you’re young and healthy you’re not at huge risk, but it’s important to remember those who are. Hospitals are overloaded right now and the last thing they need is you coming in there for a bandage on your hurt pinky-toe. So stay in your comfort zone, for now, improve your basics and don’t head to El Toro to invent a corona-flip.

Spread love, not COVID-19!

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