Aaron Kyro Admits Being A Scientologist

Maybe Xenu can kickflip?

Braille Skateboarding CEO Aaron Kyro has openly admitted to his connection with Xenu, the Galactic Overlord of the Church of Scientology. 

However, when former skateboarder-turned-rapper Lamont Holt and KFD professional skateboarder Jeff DeChesare (check out our interview with him here) asked Kyro about his position in the San Francisco branch of Scientology, he avoided addressing whether he was the leader.

Holt brought up ShreddER's article, suggesting that Kyro was in charge of the San Francisco Church, asking, "You became the leader of Scientology in San Francisco?"

Kyro responded, "So, I'm not the leader of Scientology, let's just get that very clear." He admitted to being a Scientologist but sidestepped the direct question about leading the San Francisco church. 

Even though former Scientologist Aaron Smith-Levin claimed that Kyro was promoted as the new leader of Scientology in San Francisco, Kyro deflected when asked to clarify his role.

After sharing that his shyness was overcome by taking a Scientology communications course, Kyro explained that the course made him more confident, allowing him to become successful. "And now, I built an entire career in communicating," he stated.

DeChesare tried to understand the connection between the communications course and Scientology, but Kyro's explanation veered away from answering if he leads the San Francisco branch. Lamont and DeChesare seemed to forget to press Kyro on the initial question, leaving his leadership role in Scientology's San Francisco church unanswered.

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