Aaron JAWS Homoki With “The Ol Booty Slide”

Doing a joke trick that turns into a battle

Aaron Jaws Homoki has been having fun on his Oklahoma trip and has uploaded some YouTube content of his recent travels, and what started off as a joke, turned out to be a battle. One that he would victoriously come away from!

After having dealt with a flat tire, Jaws and his crew head off to skate some sick parks such as the Blake Baldwin Skatepark and another unnamed park, but we see crew member and all-time skateboarding legend Cairo Foster (now at 47 years of age) throw down a perfect kickflip down the 6 stair, showing the world that he's still got the sauce!



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Shortly after the session there. The crew then got back in the van and ventured off to some street spots where Jaws started out with a joke at one spot, but it was so good for one trick in particular that he just decided to go all in and push himself until it worked out. “The Ol Booty Slide.”


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