Leticia Bufoni Chats with Sports Illustrated

Hey, skateboarding is a sport

Leticia Bufoni is a big name in skating, but we have to admit that skating isn’t exactly a mainstream endeavor. If you ask a random person walking down the street to name a skateboarder, most people would probably say Tony Hawk and then run out of names. That is going to chance once the Summer Olympics finally happen, because skateboarding is going to be an event for the first time. We know the names of swimmers and gymnasts because of the Olympics. Skateboarders are going to become bigger names, at least once every few years, and Bufoni will likely be one of them. In fact, she’s already on the rise, as Bufoni was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated.


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Sports Illustrated has been a staple of sports journalism for decades, though it has seen a bit of a dip recently. Still, it’s big for Bufoni to get a chance to sit down for an interview with a major publication. Bufoni discusses the upcoming Olympics, which would have happened this year if not for the pandemic, and her regimen. This is a particularly sporty conversation, for those who forget that skating is, in fact, a sport. Read what Bufoni had to say to Sports Illustrated right here, and get ready to watch her at the Tokyo Olympics next summer…hopefully.

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