Watch the Latest Video From Independent Trucks

Pedro Delfino and Taylor Kirby are at it all day

Is there anything nicer than spending a day skating? Just traveling around hitting spots on your board? Pedro Delfino and Taylor Kirby know the joys of that. The duo are in the spotlight in the new video from Independent, the truck company that has been at it for years. They roll up in a van to take a spin around Garvanza Skatepark, plus some other spots. Delfino and Kirby hit up the park, the streets, and more. Like the title of the video says, these two are “getting buck” all day. It’s 14 minutes of skating action, so sit back, relax, and enjoy right here. Oh, and shout out to Tylre Wilcox, who filmed, and Nate Correia, who edited. It takes a village.

Independent Trucks has been around since 1978, and you can still get their goods through their website.

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