Watch Some of the Final Footage of Ben Raemers

The late skater was crushing it until the end

It’s always unfortunate when we lose a skater young. We were reeling recently from the death of Henry Gartland, which called to mind the untimely passing of Ben Raemers in 2019. The Enjoi skater’s loss has been felt, but it’s nice to know that apparently we haven’t seen the final moments of Raemers’ skating just yet. Recently, filmer Thomas Campbell released some raw footage from the shooting of Ye Olde Destruction, a project that Enjoi released in April 2019. Within that 14 minutes of footage comes some film of Raemers shooting his parts for Ye Olde Destruction. It could very well be the last new footage we get to see of Raemers. Which, admittedly, feels weird to say, but it’s still nice to see Raemers in action a couple years later. Watch Campbell’s sweet 16 mm video right here. And, of course, R.I.P. to Ben Raemers.

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