Watch Red Bull Create a Skatepark Out of Stone

It’s what the Flintstones would have done!

OK, this is a really cool story. We aren’t going to try and finagle a way to get to that point. We just wanted to say it outright. A new skatepark has been created in Larvik, Norway. Hey, that’s kind of cool as is, right? A new skatepark is a good thing, and having one in some out-of-the-way place in Norway is pretty interesting. However, that’s just the beginning. Otherwise, why would Red Bull be creating a video to celebrate the occasion of building a skatespot out of the Larvikite Lines.

Red Bull (and Didrik Galasso) had an idea. That idea involved taking some ancient stone formations and turning them into a skatepark. See, now you’re intrigued, right? It was not just Red Bull and Galasso working on this project (and this video for said project), as they got help from Chris Haslam, Tody Pudwill, Angelo Caro, and Lundhs Real Stone. The stone faces being used to create this skatespot were 300,000 million years old. Now, they have been transformed into a place for people to skate. The Larvikite Lines have to now be one of the coolest spots in the world to skate, and not just because it’s in Norway. Check out the process above.

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