'Wasted' Skate Premiere Their New Video - Noordzee

Their talented skate team set out to conquer northern France

With borders becoming increasingly hard to cross due to the pandemic, the Parisian skate company and Videographer Hugo Ghnassia had to take matters into their own hands. They stopped by Bray-Dunes, the native town of Florian Merten, who went on to guide and show them through all the different skate spots throughout the North of France. On their trip, they passed by places such as Dunkerque, Calais, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, and many more. 

The 10-minute video features skateboarders such as Vincent Milou, David Métivier, JT Saldou, Kevin Ozcan, Juan Renoux, and Kevin Deschamps, and some extra names here and there. 

The edit showcases the beauty of Northern France alongside some brilliant camera work and, of course, some epic skateboarding. 

Sit back and enjoy the most recent installment from the ‘Wasted’ team.

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