Volcom Hits the Road for Latest Video

Their travels fortunately yielded a lot of fruit (and some cacti)

A lot of road trips are better in theory than in practice. You’re all excited but then you find yourself sitting in the backseat with somebody’s backpack jabbed into your side and then your one buddy refuses to chip in for gas. Hey, at least the Volcom crew seemed to have a fun time when they hit the road, and fortunately they brought cameras along with them. Volcom team members, including Omar Hassan, Milton Martinez, and Remy Stratton, went on a trip that covered two weeks and several states. The road-trip video is called Que Saguaro, so you know the desert is involved to some degree. If you don’t like to hit the road yourself, you can sit at home and comfortably enjoy Que Saguaro without a single bug splattering on your windshield.

Want some gear for your next skateboarding session (or road trip)? Hit up the Volcom website!

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