Vans Turkey Shows Us Months Worth of Sunday Skate Sessions

Istanbul gets a skateboarding spotlight

The Vans Turkey skateboarding team had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic like all of us. For a while, the crew only had the chance to hit the streets, safely, and get some skating in on Sundays in Turkey. This went on for six months, but the much-needed skateboarding sessions have borne fruit in the new Vans video Sunday Summaries.


Four members of the Vans Turkey team, plus a couple of guest riders, shot footage in Istanbul over six months, both during and just after the height of the pandemic, and it was culled together into the Sunday Summaries edit. The team was all over Istanbul, hitting up well-known skate spots, but also some off-the-beaten-path locations. Hey, what better time to get away from the popular locations than when trying to maintain a distance from strangers? 

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