Vans Hits Up the Iberian Peninsula

The brand’s European skaters had quite the tour

The Iberian Peninsula is the home to Spain and Portugal. That makes it quite the peninsula for football (or soccer for our American readers). Oh, and also for wine. We aren’t here to talk about football or wine, though. There’s also plenty of skateboarding across Iberia, and not just in Barcelona, though the MACBA is definitely a must-see spot for skaters. Vans’ European team recently went on a tour of the Iberian Peninsula, fittingly titled Iberico which may call to mind expensive ham if you are a gourmand.

A ton of skaters were involved, and while they went through Barcelona they did so much more. Many skaters from the region were included by Vans, and you can see the fun of Iberico in the above video. Maybe watch it while eating fancy ham. And drinking Port wine. 

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