Tom Asta Hour At Santa Monica Courthouse

Take a look at what 1 hour with Tom Asta looks like

Tom Asta was featured in a recent clip filmed and uploaded by Kevin Perez via his YouTube channel. In this clip, Tom Asta showed us just how easy it is for him to pull off some of the most technical and high-level ledge tricks. Asta effortlessly makes several bigspin back tails, then the nollie crook nollie heels back-to-back with a few flawless nollie heel crooked grinds. He makes ledge skating look so easy and fun.


All of these bangers seem like it's just him warming up his toes. We could be wrong, but it seems like Asta doesn’t even need a whiff of coffee to get outside and destroy Santa Monica Courthouse! Everything Asta does is with absolute precision, style and ease.

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