Tom Asta Hits Up a Classic Skatepark in Latest Video

Once again, Asta is ‘On the Session’

 Tom Asta is a busy dude these days. We just highlighted a video of him spending an hour skating at the Santa Monica Courthouse.  Now, we’re going to the Asta well again, because he recently posted another video of his On the Session series, he does on his own YouTube page. This time, Asta hits up an actual skatepark, as opposed to a popular street spot.


Asta (and his friend and fellow skater Shane) visit what Asta calls an “OG local park,” and you can definitely feel the old-school vibe. Asta also busts out a shopping cart as an obstacle, which really makes us thing of ‘90s skate videos. It feels like more and more skaters are turning to their own channels and eschewing other avenues for their skate videos. If it leads to content like what Asta is providing, that’s not a bad thing



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