TJ Rogers Has Quit Blind Skateboards

After 15 years TJ moves on

In TJ Roger's most recent Instagram post, he says peace to Blind Skateboards as he announces his resignation and shows his appreciation to Bill Weiss for noticing his talents and believing in him way back when Rogers was just a kid. "I no longer ride for Blind Skateboards." "Thanks, Bill Weiss for believing in me and putting me on 15 years ago."



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And from then up to now, TJ Rogers has been a loyal rider for Blind Skateboards for the previous 15 years and has continued to fulfil all expectations from his sponsors whether it’s been Blind or any other sponsor, it doesn't matter. The point is that Rogers is consistent in all aspects of skateboarding and has been releasing outstanding video parts for as long as he's been on board.

When most people would take a break, Rogers has always pushed through and continued to surprise us all with his capabilities both on and off of a skateboard. Whatever is next in the pipeline for TJ Rogers, we hope the best for him and we are confident he will be just fine finding a new sponsor. All the best TJ!


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