Tiago Lemos 808 Video Part

New Balance have released a full Tiago Part

Tiago's distinctive shoe, the New Balance Tiago 808, is the subject of a unique Tiago video segment created by New Balance. It's not clear who picked the song for Tiago's part, but right off the bat! Masta Ace - Born To Roll was more than a good choice!

The creative touch on this part is what makes it not like your everyday video part. There are some music video style shots and transitions used and while it is a Tiago video part, we do have to remember that it is solely based on the NB 808 model, so naturally, that's where the focus point is a lot of time.

NB were not slacking, making sure to have Tiago include every colorway throughout his part. It is cool how they've pieced it together and it goes without saying that the tricks Tiago does are insane and, of course, stylish AF!

If he doesn't make you want to buy that shoe, then nobody can!
Cop the Balance Tiago 808 here for $109.99.

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