The Second Edition of Red Bull Solus is Here

Who will win this time?

In 2020 skateboarders had to get creative to compete. Take, for example, Red Bull Skateboarding and Ryan Sheckler. The brand and the legendary skater joined forces for “Solus,” a skateboarding contest that took social distancing into account. Thirteen skaters were given an opportunity to visit Sheckler’s private skatepark and got one hour to put together the best 45-second run they could. It took the skate contest to the digital realm and made lemonades from those pandemic lemons. Solus was so successful it’s back for a second year. The rules remain the same. Thirteen more skaters are going to get to visit Sheckler’s park and string together their top 45-second run. This year we have skaters such as Jamie Foy, Alexis Sablone, and Nora Vasoncellos taking part. It definitely seems like Solus has ramped things up for its second season. You can check out the videos over on the Red Bull website, and you can watch the video announcing the contest above.

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