The Legendary 2020 of Brandon Turner Gets Another Video

The “Trick of the Year” winner isn’t a one-trick pony

This video from Jenkem magazine is a couple weeks old, but we wanted to bring it your way anyway. One reason is because new video releases were quite limited over the MLK Day weekend in the United States. The other reason is that this is because a video from Brandon Turner, and this seems like the time for celebrating Turner. After all, on Monday we brought you a video dedicated to the fact that Street League Skateboarding gave Turner their Trick of the Year award for hitting a switch hardflip at Wallenberg Big 4 in San Francisco. This won him a cool $10,000 USD, which had to be awesome. SLS aren’t the only ones celebrating Turner and his big 2020. Jenkem is as well with the video The Second Coming of Brandon Turner. The resurgence of Turner in 2020 turned a lot of heads and took a lot of people by surprise. Turner isn’t exactly a newbie skater. The man is 39! And he just had the best year of his career! That’s just a reminder never to give up, skaters. You too could end up with a video celebrating you just like this one.

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