Reliving The Water Tower Ollie With The Legend Jeremy Wray

We relive the classic 1997 trick

For any avid skater the name, Jeremy Wray, instantly sets alarm bells ringing. The first moment that comes to the mind is his iconic 1997 Ollie Water Tower trick. For those who live under a rock, this trick is deemed a classic because Jeremy did a 16-foot Ollie from one water tower to the next. 

This moment has gone down in skateboarding history, and the 16-foot gap between the towers is enough to scare away the most experienced skater. Although the Ollie does give the skater as many run-ups as needed, but judging by the speed that Jeremy was going by any other less talented skater would fall from the top of the tower to flat. This year it has been 23 years since this trick was done by Jeremy, but no skater has had the courage to do this trick again. 

Nostalgia was kicked in when Jenkem Mag  met up with Jeremy Wray whilst in California, and were able to revisit the water towers with the legend himself. Check out the interview above, with excerpts of his classic skateboarding tricks from the ‘90s and ‘00s.

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