The CCS Crew Skates an Abandoned Waterpark

No water? No problem!

Skateparks are cool, but when you are growing up there’s a real allure to water parks in the summer. The same thrill you get nailing a trick on your board can be matched by some crazy waterslide. Of course, eventually you grow up, and the water park tends to fall out of your life. What if you could combine skating and water parks, though? The crew at CCS made it happen. Dan Corrigan , Chandler Burton, “Mo,” and Brianna King all hit up an abandoned skatepark. That means there is no more water in the slides, but that’s good if you want to skate them. There’s something wild watching a skater taking on a graffiti-strewn waterslide. Hey, when life hands you lemons (or an abandoned water park), make lemonade. See CCS do just that right here.

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