CCS has Some Skateboarding Fundamentals for You

If you are new to skating, this might be the video for you

Most of what we do here at Dose is show you awesome skate videos featuring professionals (and some amateurs) who have been skating for years and are super skilled. However, right now we want to get a little educational. You may be an expert at watching skating, but you might be far from an expert on a board. That’s where this video from CCS comes in. It’s called 3 Mistakes Beginning Skaters Always Make. Basically, they want to help newbie skaters avoid some bad habits, which is cool of them. Skater Dale Decker is your teacher in this video, giving you a few tips to avoid stuff he’s noticed. Hey, you aren’t going to be perfect the first time you step on a board, unless you have some magic shoes. If that’s the case, though, you are probably a teenager in a show for kids from the ‘90s, and we’re guessing that isn’t true. If you want to learn a little about introductory skating, check this out above.

And if you are looking for a board to practice on, you might want to stop by the CCS shop online.

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