Steve-O Responds To Bam's Diss Track

A true class act

In the high-octane world of jackass legends, Steve-O and Bam Margera, the feud has spiraled into an explosive embarrassment for always.

But in an impressive turn of events, the Wildboyz star, Steve-O, defied expectations and embraced class over payback.

When Margera dropped his fiery diss track, "Fee Like Bam," targeting his former "Jackass" comrades - Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Steve-O, and Jeff Tremaine shit got real.

While the others remained silent, out of respect or cause they don't even care, Steve-O, with his history of both camaraderie and clashes with Margera, decided to confront the diss track head-on.


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The track took nasty swipes at Steve-O's skateboarding skills, using aggressive language to provoke a response.

Yet, in a remarkable display of maturity and compassion, Steve-O refused to engage in a petty war of words. Instead, he responded with a heartfelt video, expressing genuine concern for Margera's feelings and opinions. He defends his skate chops by calling back his Tony Hawk endorsement, which is classy and on point.

As news of the diss track and Steve-O's unexpected reaction spread like wildfire, the skateboarding community, people were left with opinions sharply divided. Some praised Steve-O's choice to rise above the hate, lauding his empathy.

He chose the path of being a grown-up and more than that, an example that violence leads to nowhere.

Thank you Steve-O.

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