Steve Alba is the Star of Santa Cruz’s Latest Screaming Vlog

The legend still has it

Santa Cruz has been super active recently. It seems like they are dropping videos from their new series Screaming Vlog all the time, and we keep linking to them. That’s with good reason, though, as they are pretty awesome. Hey, when you are the oldest hard goods company in the United States, you know a thing or two about skating. You can also get legends like Steve Alba to appear in your videos.

Alba is a true living icon of skateboarding. The 57-year-old was at the forefront of skating, and he was inducted in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2016. And he’s still skating! For the latest Screaming Vlog, the Santa Cruz crew – Eric Dressen, Henry Gartland, Emmanuel Guzman, and Brian O’Dwyer – hit up Alba’s local park to skate. It’s pretty awesome to see Alba is still at it. And you can see him in Screaming Vlog above.

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