Even the Santa Cruz Team Needs a Break During a Heatwave

But that doesn’t mean they stop having fun

Recently, we showed you a video from Santa Cruz’s Screaming Vlog series that featured some of the brand’s skaters braving Los Angeles’ heatwave to still get some skating in. It was impressive, but apparently even people as dedicated as Santa Cruz’s skaters can only do so much when the temperatures are regularly in the triple digits. What’s a skater to do then? Well, if you are Santa Cruz’s team, you make another Screaming Vlog video about how you are occupying your time when it’s too hot to skate.

We certainly don’t blame Henry Gartland, Emmanuel Guzman, and Brian O’Dwyer from needed a break. Honestly, all that sweating gets excessive, and you don’t want to get too much sun. Sure, skating is great, but is it worth a vicious sunburn? After days of heatwave skating, this trio needs a little relaxation, and fortunately, they found a way to keep themselves entertained. Of course, that keeps us entertained in turn. Want to know what these three get up when it’s too hot to skate? Well, you can do that above.

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