Skateboarding legend Robbie McKinley’s Celebration of Life

A fitting farewell to a true original, rest in power Robbie

Robbie McKinley is and will be widely regarded as a skateboarding legend for his immense contributions and impact on the sport. His remarkable skill, creativity, and fearless approach to riding have solidified his status among the skateboarding elite. Throughout his career, McKinley has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard, pioneering new tricks and styles that have inspired generations of skateboarders worldwide.

Robbie's family and friends got together to organize an event celebrating all of his contributions and pay respect to his amazing life. His tragic and shocking passing earlier this year shook every one of us at Dose and in the skate community worldwide, but in skating as in life, if we fall we get up in our board again and ride. As Robbie would want it, his family and friends stepped up to the plate gathering an amazing group of people to help with the event. They're not charging for a single thing, all to the skate community, how rad is that??!! They're giving away the entrance fee, t-shirts with custom graphics, drinks and music.

To top it all off, yes there's more amazing facts not forgetting about skate, the tribute farewell is also a fundraiser to help causes that Robbie had in his heart. What a beautiful way to say thank you to a skate titan and it shows how much they hit the nail in the spot, it's not only about Robbie it's about the skate life. Making light from dark they did put a smile on us sharing this news, thank you McKinley family & friends for doing this, reaching out and despite of broken hearts pulling through for the way of life we live and love. Rest in power Robbie, we'll share the details below, ride on ❤️‍🩹

Where: Santa Monica Beach Gaps (Directly west of intersection of Ocean Park Blvd.. & Bernard Way in Between Tower 25 & 27)
When: Saturday, May 20, 2023
What Time: 1 – 3 PM
Who: Everyone is Invited


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