Shin Shabongi Takes a Trip to Hokkaido

He and his friends carve up the skate scene in Japan

Shin Sabongi’s turns in videos for the likes of adidas and Polar gave Sabongi the chance to turn pro for the latter in 2020. Now, the Japanese skater is also sponsored by OJ Wheels. Sabongi took OJ on a trip through the Hokkaido area of Japan, and it’s a journey we were happy to get a chance to tag along on. Shabongi and company trek through what the OJ Wheels video calls “ancient crust and heavy terrain” and indeed the crew travel around some of the ancient sites in Hokkaido to find some great skating spots. It’s old school meets new school meets OJ. Sanbongi isn’t alone, either, as he’s joined by Makoto Nishikawa and Shor West on the skating excursion as well. In Japan they’ve clearly got the juice. Check it out in the video above.

Get some wheels of your own with OJ.

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