Ryan Sheckler Talks to Men’s Journal About His Workout Regimen

How does the veteran skater stay in shape?

Ryan Sheckler has been a known, successful skateboarder for decades, and now in his thirties he’s still at it. However, all that success, and he’s one of the most-successful skaters ever, comes with a price. The recent Red Bull documentary Rolling Away showcased, skating has taken a toll on his body, and injuries have been a part of that. And yet, he’s still skating. To keep performing at a high level, and not merely be an ambassador of skateboarding, Sheckler has to take care of his body like an athlete. As he told Men’s Journal in an interview, that’s just what he does.


If you aren’t familiar, and skating rarely comes up within its pages so if you aren’t that’s understandable, Men’s Journal is a “men’s magazine,” but in a way that is mostly focused on fitness, working out, and things of that ilk. It’s a “ripped fortysomething dude on the cover” men’s magazine, not a “twentysomething woman in a bikini on the cover” men’s magazine. Sheckler spoke to Men’s Journal back in 2014, but his body, and his career, were both in different places then. The interview is an interesting look into Sheckler’s process and routine. You can read the interview at Mensjournal.com, and if you want to check out Rolling Away, you can do that below:


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