Ryan Sheckler is Designing the Woodward Skate Program for 2021

Who could be a better choice?

Ryan Sheckler has been skating since he was a kid. Hell, he was famous as a child skateboarder. If there is anybody who knows what skating can do for a kid, it’s Sheckler. As such, he’s pretty much the perfect choice to be the designer of the Woodward Skate Camp for 2021. Woodward is a famed skating facility that puts together a skate camp every year, though obviously COVID-19 is a complication here, as it is with everything. Still, a lot of youngster pick up skating tips and tricks from Woodward, and getting your program designed by a legend in the game like Sheckler has to be awesome. “I want to be of service as a skateboarder, and there’s no better place for me to do that than Woodward,” said Sheckler. Woodward put out a video for the announcement, and you can watch it above.

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