Shawn Hale Shreds Nature at Woodward Tahoe

We all need a break every now and again

Are you familiar with Woodward Tahoe? The skate camp that is surrounded by nature? It’s a one-of-a-kind spot, and it even has a dirt track you can skate on. How many places can say that? Woodward Tahoe, for one. Shawn Hale and his crew at Sk8rats recently made a trip to the camp for a little fun the great outdoors, and fortunately he shot a video for the occasion.

Hale is currently in the process of launching a new shoe brand, AVOS Shoes, so he probably has a lot on his plate. A little time in nature probably helped him decompress. Of course, he wasn’t just enjoying the surroundings. Hale got plenty of skating in. We all relax in our own ways. Between AVOS and Sk8rats, Hale has a lot going on. Lucky for us he had some time to squeeze in this video as well. And hey, if you love skating and the woods, consider a trip to Woodward Tahoe sometime. Consider this video something of a brochure.

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