Red Bull Turns an Airport into a Skatepark

Are Jamie Foy and Brandon Valjalo up to the task?

One of our favorite locations in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater universe is hitting up an airport. Of course, in real life, we’ve never had the chance to skate in an airport. It just isn’t feasible. That is, unless you are Red Bull Skateboarding, and you can pull some strings.



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In their latest video, Red Bull managed to get access to Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. With no travelers around, the airport was at the disposal of the talent involved. Jake Wooten serves as host, not to mention challenge creator. Jamie Foy and Brandon Valjalo are left to tackle the spots that Wooten sets up for them. It’s like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater come to life in the best way. We only wish we could do it ourselves. 


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