Pat Ngoho Gets Everything Out of His Trucks

And Indy is happy about that in new video

Pat Ngoho is 57 now, so he’s seen a thing or two, and done a thing or seven, on a skateboard. The dude has been repping Independent Trucks since way back in 1979. Given that, Ngoho is kind of the perfect person for the latest My Indys video from the truck company. He’s gotten plenty of bang for his buck out of his trucks. Like the title of the video says, Ngoho likes to groove deep into his axles. He only swaps out trucks whenever he changes boards. Ngoho has given so much of his 57 years to skating, and he expects his trucks to give just as much as he does. If you want to learn more about Ngoho and his relationship with his trucks, you can watch his My Indys above.

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