Nyjah Opens Up to His Followers After His Olympic Defeat

“I skate because I f*****g love it”

As most skateboarding fans know, Nyjah Huston is one of the biggest names around. Leading most to assume he’d be a favourite to pick up a medal at the Olympic games this week. Especially, after his previous 12 X Game wins. Many would think this experience in competitions would guarantee at least a medal for the skate veteran.

However, this was not the case. His latest Instagram post states he is heartbroken and feels he’s let his fans down, and there are a lot of those, shown by his huge following of 4.9 million on Instagram.

Proving top athletes aren’t all just robots, hell-bent on winning at all costs. As he reiterates, “I’m human, and dealing with all the pressure and expectations really isn’t easy at times.”


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The reaction from his fans and peers has been nothing but love in return for his honesty broadcasted through an Instagram post. It’s clear this will not be a deterrent for him as he reiterates, “I skate because I f*****g love it and it’s the funnest thing on earth.”


Images via Instagram Nyjah Huston's @nyjah

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