Element has Skating on the Brain in New Video

And they have some mind-blowing tricks as well

We know that your brain on drugs is akin to an egg in a frying pan according to an old anti-drug PSA in the United States that we are realizing as we right this is probably too old a reference for many of our readers. However, what’s your brain like on skateboarding? Perhaps the crew over at Element has an answer or two for us. They just dropped a meaty 12-minute video called E.S.P. that has a lot of cerebral theming to it.

Of course, E.S.P. stands for “extrasensory perception” and has more to do with pseudoscience than anything real. What is definitely real, though, are the incredible tricks that the skaters from Element have thought up with their big ol’ skating brains. We’ve got Vinicius Costa, Gabriel Fortunato, and some more skaters who flip our lids with their flips. Watch E.S.P. in the video above.

If you are looking for some skateboarding accessories, it might be smart to visit the Element website.

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