Nyjah Huston Partners Signs With WME

He's still hungry

Nyjah Huston, the Olympic skateboarding superstar, just signed with WME (William Morris Endeavor) as their newest sports talent. His career is stacked with X Games gold medals and multiple Street League Skateboarding Super Crown World Champion titles. And now, by teaming up with WME, Huston is showing his hunger to secure his place in the world of corporate skating and shape its future.

This partnership with WME is a testament to Huston's relentless dedication to pushing skateboarding beyond its limits and exploring uncharted territories.


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Nyjah is a household name in the skateboarding world, earning the respect and admiration of skaters worldwide. So, his move to WME is seen as a smart strategic move to take the sport to new heights on a global scale. WME is no joke either. They're a top-notch talent agency known for their work in sports and entertainment, representing some of the biggest names in various industries.

Now that Huston is part of their crew, WME aims to capitalize on his superstar status and influence to open doors for skateboarders. Creating opportunities to launch skateboarding into the mainstream spotlight.

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